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(ii) What can be done in this website;
(iii) The conditions to copy or reproduce the contents in this website; and
(iv) The liability regime applicable to the operation and use of this website.

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Who we are

The website (the Website) is operated by Enigmedia, its owner, whose details can be found below.

By accessing, browsing or interacting with the services and activities of the Website, you accept the applicable terms of use. Please, read them and check the most up to date version, as they may be amended by Enigmedia from time to time.

Enigmedia’s details are:

Enigmedia, S.L. (Enigmedia)
Address: Paseo Mikeletegi 65, Planta 0, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa, 20.009 Donostia San Sebastián, Spain.
Registered at the Commercial Registry of Gipuzkoa under reference tomo 2.547, folio 185, hoja SS-34.255, inscripción 1

Registered at the Registry of Network and electronic communications services Operators of the Spanish Markets and Competence Commission since 18 April 2013 (link).
Registered at the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (link)
VAT code B75058503
Tel: 0034 94 3046661

What can be done in this website

1.- Purpose and scope

This section includes the terms of use applicable to any individual (the Website User) who access, browse or interact with the Website and use its services and activities. Likewise, this section determines the liabilities derived from the use of the Website by the Website User. The applicable terms of use in force will be those published each time the Website User accesses or uses the Website.

Enigmedia may set out particular terms of certain specific products or services for exclusive use by its clients, providers, individuals or associated ventures. Enigmedia’s counterparties will be informed in advance of such particular terms or covenants.

Enigmedia may, at any time and without prior notice, suspend or permanently discontinue the access to the Website, without any right to compensation for the Website Users. However, Enigmedia reserves the right, as circumstances may require, to notify the date when the availability will be resumed.

2.- Applicable law and dispute resolution

The use of the Website and these terms of use will be subject to Spanish law and shall be construed following their version in Spanish language, unless otherwise established by imperative norm.

The Web User expressly submits any dispute, waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of San Sebastian, for any disputes or claims regarding the Website, unless a mandatory forum corresponds due to its quality as consumer or by virtue of imperative norm.

3.- Conditions to access and use the Website

The Web User can access the Website freely and for no consideration. Its use of the services in the Website shall be lawful, compliant with these terms of use, the applicable laws, public morals and public order, and in accordance with the practices commonly accepted on the Internet. Enigmedia will not be liable and hereby waives any responsibility for the use of the content or services in the Website by the Web User.

The user warrants that all the information disclosed for registry or in any forms in the Website is lawful, true, accurate and up to date. The Web User will be solely responsible for notifying Enigmedia immediately of any changes in the information disclosed.
The Web User will not: insert viruses, programs, macros or any sequence of characters in the Website with the purposes of damaging or altering its software or functioning; hinder the access of other users by unusual use of resources; gather data available on the Website for advertising purposes; reproduce, copy, distribute, alter or make available to third parties any content on the Website; carry out, through the services offered on the Website any actions that may infringe intellectual property, trade secrets, contractual commitments, reputation, image and privacy rights of any third parties; execute unfair competition acts and illegal advertising.

Web Users are responsible for the custody and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords supplied to them and undertake to refrain from allowing their use by third parties , either temporarily or permanently, or to allow access to any non authorised party. The Web User shall be responsible for the unlawful use of the services by any unauthorised third party employing password made available by the Web User either willfully or negligently.

In cases of theft, loss or unauthorized access to the Web User’s passwords, the User will be solely responsible for immediately notifying Enigmedia to proceed to cancel them. Enigmedia shall in no event be liable for any actions performed by unauthorized parties before the abovementioned mandatory notification by the Web User.

Conditions to copy or reproduce the contents in this website

If you want to reuse in any manner the contents in the Website, you should request so in advance and obtain Enigmedia’s prior, express and written consent.

Enigmedia is the owner of the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the content of this Website. In this regard, for exemplificative and non limitative purposes, the following contents are protected by national and international norms on copyright and author rights: the trademarks, graphic design, source code and object code, logos, texts, graphs, pictures, illustrations, sounds and other elements within the Website. The access to or browsing of the Website does not imply any waiver, assignment, transfer or license, either full or partial, by Enigmedia in favour of the Web User.

The Web User acknowledges that any acts of reproduction, copy, distribution, commercialization, transformation, translation, reuse, communication to the public and, in general, exploitation in any other fashion, by any means, of all or part of the contents of the Website without the prior, express and written consent of Enigmedia constitutes a breach of Enigmedia’s intellectual property rights.

The Web User warrants that any information not qualifying as personal data which is disclosed voluntarily to Enigmedia through the Website (including any remarks, comments, suggestions, ideas, graphs, etc.) belongs to the Web User and do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. Said information will become intellectual property of Enigmedia, which shall hold unlimited right of use, without accrual of any compensation rights whatsoever for the Web User or third parties.

Liability regime applicable to the operation and use of this website

Enigmedia does not provide any warranties, neither guarantees the lawfulness, reliability, utility, truthfulness or accuracy of the services or information included on the Website, and hence Enigmedia hereby excludes and waives any direct or indirect liabilities for damages or prejudices of any kind or nature, or derived from the absence of utility or breach of the Web User’s expectations on the Website.

The information offered by Enigmedia on the Website does not constitute in any event any sort of professional or technical advice. Enigmedia waives any responsibility or liability for unauthorised use or use for purposes other than evaluation and hiring of the products or services marketed.

Enigmedia has adopted all the technical and organizational measures, given the business and technological circumstances, for the correct functioning of the Website and the absence of any harmful elements. However, Enigmedia does not assume any liability for (i) any interruption in the availability of the contents and services on the Website; (ii) the absence of errors in the contents and amendment of existing defects; (iii) absence of viruses and/or harmful components on the Website; (iv) the unbreakability of the security measures implemented; (v) damages or prejudices caused by any party which may breach the security measures of the Website.

The links to other websites on the Website may redirect the Web User to other websites on which Enigmedia has no control and therefore it does not assume any liability for their use. Any access by the Web User to those websites is made at its own risk and under the terms of use of the applicable websites.